Online Training

Training At Your Fingertips

Our online training sessions are delivered by telephone and TeamViewer Remote Access. This method of learning is suitable for 1 or 2 people, covering the essentials on FirstSteps, or a session focusing on specific topics, either in FirstSteps Manager or the Tracker and Monitor Apps.
As well as being cost effective this option also means that staff are not taken out of the nursery for all or part of the day.
FirstSteps Basic Training

FirstSteps Basic Training is primarily aimed at those who require a general understanding of the system but may not yet be regular users of it. This training shows you how to navigate the system, perform basic inputting tasks and extract useful reports and information. This training package is ideal for new users. Topics would typically include Child/Carer Details, Registers, Reports, Planning and Staff.
FirstSteps Advanced Training

Intended for those who are comfortable with the basics but are perhaps not using FirstSteps to its full potential. Trainees will be shown all the advanced features available and how to exploit FirstSteps as a complete management and administration tool. Topics include a more detailed look at Registration, Planning and Staff sections. Enquiries, Financial, Mail Merge and Systems Settings can also be covered.
FirstSteps Bespoke Training

Designed for individual settings on a personal needs basis. If the basic or advanced courses don’t fit your requirements we can tailor a training session here to suit you. For this type of session we would normally work on your live data, or a copy of it to prevent any important data or settings being amended inadvertently.
FirstSteps Monitor & Tracker Training

If you are using the FirstSteps Monitor & Tracker Apps you may want to build on the initial online training with a session to help you get more out of them. This type of training could be for new users, or for staff who have been using the basics, but want to learn more about the full range of functionality and reports available.

Online Training Costs. 2 Hour Session - £210.00 (including VAT).

FirstSteps has been acquired by Famly🎉

We’re excited to announce that FirstSteps will become a part of the Famly family, and over the next few months we’ll be helping to move all our customers over to a Famly platform. You can learn more about what the deal means for you over here