Fee Collection Service

An additional service integrated with FirstSteps is our nursery fee direct debit collection scheme ‘FirstPay Direct’.Fee Collection Service

We have developed this to allow you more time to run the day to day business in your setting rather than chasing parents for unpaid or late fees.

As a collection service it also alleviates the stress of handling cash and cheques on nursery premises and gives you the opportunity of setting up Direct Debit without being discouraged by huge setup costs.

Using the scheme allows the amounts for collection to be varied each month so unlike a standing order arrangement there is no need to complete a new mandate each time there is a change in sessions or fee rates.

How does FirstPay Direct work?

The Setup process
Initially you will need each parent to complete a Direct Debit Mandate. The details from this are entered on FirstSteps and passed to the collection service provider 

Monthly Process
Calculate your fees each month as normal then amend any amounts for collection as required (i.e. childcare vouchers, credit notes).

When the amounts are set and processed, this sends a file to the collection service provider over a secure internet connection. You will receive a notification to confirm when payments have been collected. You can then process all payments at the touch of a button within FirstSteps.

If for any reason a payment is not collected, further attempts may be made later in the month to collect the payment again. This is covered by the monthly transaction fee so there will not be a further charge.

If you have children who only attend Out of School Clubs or Holiday Clubs, there will be no collection (or transaction fee) for months in which they do not attend.

Q. What happens with Extra Sessions and Other Charges?
A. All Extra Sessions and additional invoice Items will be included in the amount to be collected.
Q. Are all payments collected on the same day?
A. For your own convenience it is recommended that all payments are collected on the same day. However, it is possible to set up different collection dates during the month if required.
Q. Can this be set up for Weekly Payees?
A. As the Direct Debit Scheme requires a week’s notice in advance of the fee collection it is not possible to collect Direct Debits on a weekly basis.
Q. What happens if monthly fees change?
A. The Direct Debit Scheme requires each parent to be notified one week in advance of how much will be collected from their account each month. This can be achieved by sending the FirstSteps invoice showing the amount for that month. This will show the exact amount to be collected, including any changes or additions.

Don’t forget, you can now send invoices via e-mail directly from FirstSteps

Want to know more?

If you are interested in taking the hassle out of your fee collections, please contact FirstSteps to arrange a free demonstration of FirstPay Direct.