Hosted Services

Hosted ServicesRun your Nursery business from anywhere! Ideal for busy owners of single settings and nursery chains this service allows us to make life easier for you offering fast and reliable performance.

Our FirstSteps hosted option (using the latest cloud computing technology) does not require a complicated setup. All you need is access to the internet and this is perfect for childcare settings where:

  • Staff work in several locations (especially home-based) and need to share information in real time
  • The cost of managing systems in-house is too high but you need to operate professionally to meet expectations
  • You don’t want to risk investing in expensive IT systems only to find they are not up to the job in 6 months time

We offer the flexibility of an all inclusive monthly paid contract based on your exact requirements with no hidden extras

How does it work?

  • Data is encrypted and transmitted over a secure internet connection
  • Your data is backed up to an additional remote location twice a day for peace of mind and added security for your business.
  • Access is restricted to only users you have authorised to login with Password protection built in at three levels allowing unlimited concurrent multi-user access 24/7 – it enables day to day management processes to be carried out at the same time as Head Office reporting

How secure is my data?

  • The data centre is manned by security 24 hours a day and access is limited to authorised personnel only.
  • The data centre has UPS (uninterruptable power supply) battery backups and also diesel generator backups to keep it running in case of power failure.
  • Key services operate out of two buildings. The first hosts the majority of servers and the second houses an additional backup server to ensure that key services are available in the case of an absolute disaster.
  • We have multiple internet services providers in both of the data centres.
  • There are two separate firewalls so that should one fail the other can be used to service continued and secured access.
  • To ensure business continuity and in the unlikely event of disaster Backups from Data Centre 1 are replicated immediately to Data Centre 2 ensuring that your data is always safe and available