In-house Training

In House trainingTraining at our Head Office in Leicester takes place in a well equipped classroom environment. The courses are delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of life in a busy nursery, allowing you to concentrate on the training without distractions. We want you to get the best out of FirstSteps so that you can put all your knowledge in to practice when you return to your setting.

Refreshments and a light lunch are provided with our 10am to 2pm sessions

Each trainee will be able to gain new skills with a hands-on learning approach. The trainer will also demonstrate each function via a projector so you can follow the instructions on screen. Training sessions are conducted using a database containing demonstration data, covering a wide range of setup configurations. This enables us to show you how FirstSteps will work in many different scenarios.

There are ample opportunities to ask questions relating to specific queries on your own setup and configuration. There will also be breaks where you can speak to the trainers and other trainees in order to exchange ideas and best practice. It is also a great way to network, get to know other FirstSteps users and swap ideas and best practice. 

FirstSteps Basic Training Aimed at those who require a basic understanding of the system but might not be regular users, this course shows how to navigate the system, perform basic inputting tasks and extract useful reports and information. Ideal for new users, topics include Child/Carer Details, Registers, Planning and Staff.

FirstSteps Advanced Training Intended for those who are comfortable with the basics but are not using FirstSteps to its full potential. Attendees will be shown all the advanced features available and how to exploit FirstSteps as a complete management and administration tool. Topics include a more detailed look at Registration, Planning and Staff sections. Enquiries, Financial, Mail Merge and Systems Settings are also covered.

Bespoke Training Designed for individual settings on a personal needs basis. If the basic or advanced courses don’t fit your requirements we can tailor a training session here to suit you. For this type of session we recommend you bring a copy of your data, giving you the opportunity to try things out away from your setting without the risk or fear of messing anything up.