About Us

Catering for all levels of users in both the Private and Public sectors FirstSteps is tailor made for:

Single Day Nurseries, Nursery Chains, Childrens Centres, Extended Service Providers (breakfast and After-school clubs), Holiday Clubs, Education Centres, Childminders and Creche Facilities

We invite you to take a look at what our excellent value for money products and services have to offer your Nursery or Childcare organisation (download brochure).

FirstSteps is always kept up to date to comply with the latest changes in childcare legislation OFSTED requirements and local authority directives.

We make it easier for you to produce specific reports adhering to the ‘every child matters’ and EYFS strategies.


The Origin of FirstSteps

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The brainchild of Managing Director Kirit Patel back in 1994, FirstSteps was originally created for the nursery attended by his own children. His expertise in computer software programming fitted hand in glove with the needs of a busy childcare business and so FirstSteps was born.

The FirstSteps Team

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We are proud to report that the team here is made up of experts in many fields and our individual contributions play a vital role in the production and delivery of FirstSteps.

The FirstSteps Ethos

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Always striving to be the best at what we produce and deliver our ethos is simple and follows the words of Mahatma Gandhi…

Nursery Management Software

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A guide to buying nursery management software – see how FirstSteps measures up.