Nursery Management Software

Nursery Management SoftwareWhy choose FirstSteps?

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to use as a buyer’s guide when choosing nursery management software – How does FirstSteps measure up to your expectations?

Q. Does the software company understand my childcare business?

A. Yes rest assured FirstSteps has been involved in the childcare industry since 1994 and remains in tune with what providers need from a childcare management perspective, whatever their size or organisation structure.

Q. Will I be able to see the product to evaluate it properly before I buy?

A. Yes it would be easy for us to send out a CD and “let you get on with it” but we prefer the personal approach. A face to face meeting allows you to see exactly what FirstSteps can do for you and your business. Our ‘try before you by’ option means you can ask for a trial installation if you are unsure.

Q. Is the software easy to use?

A. Yes don’t worry you don’t have to be a computer wizard to use FirstSteps. Our expert trainers take you through everything step by step and because we configure the software to your specification most things are achieved by just the click of a button after set up.

Q. Does it have all the functionality I need in one package?

A. Yes FirstSteps comes as a complete professional administration system so you don’t have to keep adding to it.  It’s packed with basic and optional features which means it will grow with your business at no additional cost.

Q. Will it be tailored to my needs?

A. Yes FirstSteps understands that no two settings are the same. Its unique selling point is its flexibility, enabling it to cope with any set up.

Q. What if I need help?

A. After your initial training any questions you have will be answered by our FirstSteps dedicated after sales support service. We can offer guidance by phone, email and remote dial up assistance. You will also have a comprehensive manual for reference so you’re never alone.

Q. What about any future changes?

A. FirstSteps will always keep up to date with changes affecting childcare administration compliance (e.g. Government legislation and Local authority directives that require re-programming) Updates will be issued for these as well as any in –house enhancement or customisation requests.