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FirstSteps Manager

From logging enquiries and producing registers to fee calculations and billing, FirstSteps is packed with essential and invaluable features.

It makes checking business progress easy and with so many reports available you can monitor occupancy and income.

FirstSteps Monitor

The FirstSteps Monitor App allows feeds, nappy changes, meals, sleep recording and attendance to be documented in real time.

This information links into your FirstSteps system enabling you to see at a glance what’s happening with each child in your setting.

FirstSteps Tracker

The innovative FirstSteps Tracker App enables EYFS development observations to be made easily from a tablet, producing comprehensive learning journals.

It allows you to capture photographs and audio clips along with EYFS, CoEL tagging to track progress and produce analytical reports for all areas of learning.

FirstSteps Parent Link

FirstSteps Parent Link will enable you to engage in two-way communication with parents.

Parents can also review and comment on all the information from FirstSteps Monitor and access their child’s learning journal. Optionally allowing them to view their account status, bookings etc.

Complete your Nursery Management Puzzle with FirstSteps

A visionary system carefully produced and continuously developed to supply the child care sector with the most flexible and comprehensive bespoke management tool available. 

FirstSteps is designed to improve your efficiency, increase your profitability, reduce your running costs and save your precious time so that you can spend more of it with the ones you care for.

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